What we do?


Device not function properly or seeing an error code?

Onsite Service

Can't deliver your device to us?

Having above issue?

Don't worry !
We can arrange onsite service to collect your device from your home.
After collection, we will check your device and get back to you on the device issue and the service price.
Once you agreed with the pricing then we will proceed to repair your device.
Then we will return the device to you.
We are

We Check
We Heal
We Care

How we care your device?


We won't change any original parts which is from your device without your approval.

Handle with care

All device that had been send to us will be handle with care including all the license that you have in the device all will be keep.


We won't uninstall and change any setting or software from your device unless you ask us to do so.

Remote Support

We can remote into users device to troubleshoot if the device still can be turn on.

Onsite Service

If the device is infected with virus or need to do data recovery,

time is precious, we can arrange onsite service to bring the device back and check or fix it on the spot.

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